Sea People Chariot II

Sea People Chariot II

Product no.: LBA48
£12.00 / pack(s)

Sea People Chariot with driver and 2 javelin armed crew. These warriors have leather or bronze horned helmets representative of the Sherden or Lukka tribes; though they can be used to represent other tribes of Sea Peoples of whom there is no evidence of their appearance.

Some warriors had leather banded or bronze plate body armour as did the elite of the foot warriors.

Though this chariot has a 3 man crew it can be categorised as either light or heavy. As such, although this chariot is provided with armoured horses, the horses can be freely interchanged with the unarmoured horses of Sea People Chariot I.

The chariot can also be used in the armies of Trojan or other Western Anatolian states.

Pack contains: 1 Chariot, 2 armoured horses, 1 driver and 2 javelin armed warriors.

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