Early Achaean Spearmen

Early Achaean Spearmen

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Spearmen armed with a long thrusting spear and a large tower or figure-of-eight body shield as used in the early city-states of the Aegean region on the Greek mainland and the islands such as Crete from the Middle to Late Bronze Age.

The Middle Bronze Age Achaeans of the island of Crete have been named the Minoans.

The Spearmen are unarmoured and bare-headed or wear a boar's tusk helmet. The Shield is separate so the figures can be used with or without shield, as required such as only the front rank of a phalanx having a shield. They are modelled with a long thrusting spear but which can be cut off and a hole drilled into the fist into which a longer wire spear or "pike" can be inserted. 

These spearmen can also be used in the Late Bronze Age Achaean period as perhaps Nestor's Spearmen in the Trojan War from Homer's Iliad.

Pack contains 8 figures and 8 Shields  (nominally 1 of each figure depicted, though variations may occur)

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