Egyptian Close Fighters I

Egyptian Close Fighters I

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These are the early New Kingdom Egyptian regular close fighters of the native Egyptian 17th Dynasty  and New Kingdom 18th Dynasty.

Such warriors fought under the Pharaohs: Khamose, Ahmose I and Thutmose III and who fought at the first ever recorded Battle of Megiddo against the Mitanni, Syrians and Canaanites.

These early close fighters are un-armoured and are equipped with a Spear, Axe and a Shield. It appears that no helmets were worn by the common regular foot soldiers at this time.

The figures are also suitable for later Hyksos Retinue Close Fighters of the 15th Dynasty, as by this time the Hyksos soldiers had taken on a more Egyptian appearance. They can be used as an alternative to the Amorite, Medium Retainer Infantry (EMB 07), of the early invasion period Hyksos.

Pack contains 8 Figures (nominally 2 of each type pictured, though variations may occur)

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