Hittite Light Chariot I

Hittite Light Chariot I

Product no.: LBA13
£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite or other Anatolian 2-man, 2-horse Light Chariot, with the a crew of a Driver and a choice of Spearman or Archer. This chariot can be used in both Early Hittite and Hittite Empire armies, either as a native Hittite or other central Anatolian, including Gasgan, chariot.

Hittite chariots were lighter in the early period and different to the heavier 3-man chariots of the later Empire period. This chariot cab is constructed with animal hide stretched partly over a wooden frame. It is still of fairly simple design, has no bow cases or quivers, and has wheels with 4 spokes.

Pack consists of 1 Chariot, 2 un-armoured horses, 1 Driver, 1 Archer and 1 Spearman.

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