Early 4-Equid Battle-Wagon II

Early 4-Equid Battle-Wagon II

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As used by the Early Bronze Age City-States of Mesopotamia. These 4-wheeled Battle-Wagons were pulled by either 4 Donkeys, Donkey-Onager hybrids or other Equids of the period. Pure Onagers were considered as too wild and bad-tempered to be used to pull these cars. Equids were the same size as Horses of this period.

The yoke is long enough to rest on the necks of 4 equids, though it can be shortened to rest on the necks of only two if required. The 4 wheels are solid disk wheels. Pictorial evidence has shown them with various diameters. The 4 Equids are provided randomly and all have either felt protection on their chest or all without. 

This Battle-Wagon can be used in Akkadian and Early Elamite armies. The crew is composed of the Driver and either a Javelinman or Commander.

Pack contains, 1 Driver, 1 Javelinman, 1 Commander, 4 Equids and 1 Battle-Wagon

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