Later Highlander Archers

Later Highlander Archers

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Middle and Late Bronze Age archers of the Zagros, Taurus and Anatolian Highlands. These include Hurrians, Turukkeans, Elamites and early Kassites of the Zagros and Taurus Mountains; and Gasgans, early Hittites and others of the Anatolian Highlands.

The figures are wearing a variety of typical mountain costume of the time, including boots, which would have been a practical alternative to sandals in the rugged mountains. They are armed with an early single curve composite bow, though the curve can be bent out should a simple or stave bow be preferred. These archers can be suitably used in most Near-Eastern mountain tribe armies, as well as mercenaries in Regular City-State or Empire armies, for the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age, as mountain costume would have changed little over this time. 

Pack contains 8 Figures (nominally 2 of each type pictured, though variations may occur)

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