Early/Middle Bronze Command

Early/Middle Bronze Command

Product no.: EMB11
£12.00 / pack(s)

Can be used to command armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age, including those of the Amorite Kingdoms & Desert Nomads; Later Akkadian & Neo-Sumerian City-States; Later Highlanders and Elamites.

Includes figures that can be used for Naram-Sin of Akkad, Hammurabi of Babylon, Shamshi-Adad of Ashur, Rim-Sin of Larsa, Ishbi-Irva of Isin, Zimri-Lim of Mari and Ibbi-Sin or Shulgi of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur. Also Includes a figure appropriate for a Later Highlander or even early Hittite King; and a figure suitable as a Desert and Dry Steppe Nomad Chief.

Pack contains 8 individual character figures as pictured

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