Amorite Levy Infantry II

Amorite Levy Infantry II

Product no.: EMB09

£12.00 / pack(s)

Nomadic Levies or auxiliaries drafted into the City-State armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age. They were known variously over the period as Martu, Amurru, Aamu or Amorites. They often formed part of the regular light infantry force in City-State armies such as in early Babylonian armies where they were classed as the Sabum Qallatum. The figures are armed with spears, javelins, axes and carry an Amorite shield. They can be mixed with Levy Infantry I and Levy Infantry III for an irregular look. Separate units of Axe Infantry and Spear/Javelin Infantry can also be formed by mixing the figures from all three packs.

Conversion tip: Many of these Infantry were also armed with throw-sticks, but rather than have them moulded on the figure, it is easy to convert them. Simply cut off the Javelin or Axe from the right hand, drill a hole with a pin-vice through the closed hand; insert an 8mm length of wire, (about 0.5mm diameter), bend it slightly and you have a throw-stick. The job takes only a few minutes to complete.

Pack contains 8 Figures (2 of each type pictured)

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