Levy Javelinmen I

Levy Javelinmen I

Product no.: EMB01
£12.00 / pack(s)

These un-shielded Javelinmen can be used in both regular City-State, (as levy skirmishers), or Early Nomad armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age. This group are bare-chested and dressed in various styles of knee-length kilts. They can be mixed in with Levy Javelinmen II  for a more irregular appearance. 

Conversion tip: for even greater variety, cut off the Javelin in the right hand, drill a hole with a pin-vice through the closed hand; insert an 8mm length of wire, (about 0.5mm diameter), bend it slightly and you have a throw-stick. The job takes only a few minutes to complete.

Pack contains 8 Figures (nominally 2 of each type pictured, though variations may occur)

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