Later Highlander Warriors

Later Highlander Warriors

Product no.: BAL07
£60.00 / pack(s)

BattleLine: 6 packs of Later Highlander Warriors, suitable for Gasgans, early Kassites and other Anatolian, Taurus or Zagros Highlanders of the Middle and Late Bronze Age. These warriors can be used as allies in Hittite or Amorite Kingdom armies.

6 packs for the price of 5



3 x EMB19: Later Highlander Warriors I

3 x EMB20: Later Highlander Warriors II


FREE with this deal: Later Highlander Commander  



MultiPack contains 6 packs of 8 figures each (total 48 figures) + 1 Commander


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UK: £3.00

EU: £4.00

Rest of World: £5.00

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