Levy Skirmishers

Levy Skirmishers

Product no.: BAL05
£60.00 / pack(s)

BattleLine: 6 packs of Levy Skirmishers (16 Javelinmen, 16 Archers, 16 Slingers) for the price of 5.

2 x EMB01: Levy Javelinmen I or EMB03: Levy Javelinmen II

2 x EMB02: Levy Archers I or EMB04: Levy Archers II

2 x EMB05: Levy Slingers


MultiPack contains 6 packs of 8 figures each (total 48 figures)


Postage & Packaging applies but only:

UK: £3.00

EU: £4.00

Rest of World: £5.00

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