Armies of the Later Minoans, Mycenaeans and other Aegean city-states, such as Troy, in western Anatolia, can be built using this range of figures.

The Minoans were named by the archaeologist, Sir Arthur Evans, after the legendary King Minos of the maze and which he associated with the palace excavated at Knossos on Crete. We do not know what the "Minoans" called themselves, but they are one part of a group of various Aegean civilisations of the Bronze Age. The Mycenaeans were another civilisation centred on the Palace complex of Mycenae on the Greek mainland but is also a term used to describe other city-states or Palace complexes such as at Pylos and Tiryns.

The terms Achaeans or Danaans may also be used to describe the various 'proto-Greeks'. They are terms used by the later Greek writer, Homer, to describe the Bronze Age Greeks in his poem, the Iliad.

The Minoan civilization on Crete can be traced back to the Early Bronze Age and even earlier. However, there is little evidence of formalised warfare on Crete before the time of the destruction of the Palaces on Crete at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age, either by violence from the Mycenaeans or by natural disaster. Hence, the figures for the armies of the Mycenaeans or Achaeans in this range start in the Late Bronze Age and the early period figures can be used for Late Minoan and Early Mycenaean armies.

At the beginning of the Late Bronze Age the Spearmen used a long thrusting spear and large tower shield, and were supported by Archers. There were also Chariots which, whether classified as heavy or light, carried 2 men (a driver and a warrior with a long thrusting spear). Skirmishers, such as Archers, Slingers and Javelinmen with possibly light swords supported the Spearmen and the Chariots either out in front or on the flanks.

In the later period, at the end of the Late Bronze Age, at the time of the purported Trojan War, (in Homer's Illiad), it seems the infantry began using a shorter spear, swords, smaller shields and sometimes armour.

These figures can also be used for western seaboard Anatolians such as those from Troy (possibly Wilusa in Hittite sources), Assuwa and Arzawa.

It is possible that the Achaeans were known to the Hittites, in their texts, as Ahhiyawans.

The Sea Peoples were also most likely originally Achaeans and therefore figures from the Sea Peoples range can be used mixed in with the later figures in this range. They are perhaps particularly suitable for western seaboard Anatolian armies.

Later Highlanders I can be used for early Thracians of the Late Bronze Age and who were possibly allies of the Trojans in western Anatolia.

At the end of the Late Bronze Age, Greece was overrun by the Dorians from the north and the Achaean Mycenaean culture came to an end. These new peoples (Dorians) are often considered as Greeks proper and will form a new range of figures for the Iron Age. They may perhaps have initially appeared similar to the warriors of the Late Bronze Age but with a dipylon shield instead, prior to the development of the Hoplite style warrior of the Classical Age, after c.500 BCE.

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Early Achaean Spearmen

Product no.: LBA27

8 Minoan or early Mycenaean Spearmen



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Later Achaean Spearmen

Product no.: LBA28

8 un-armoured Achaean Spearmen

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Later Achaean Armoured Spearmen

Product no.: LBA29

8 Later Armoured Achaean Spearmen

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Later Achaean Armoured Spearmen with Diplyon Shield

Product no.: LBA30

8 armoured Achaean or Later Mycenaean Spearmen with Diplyon Shield

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Achaean Archers

Product no.: LBA54

8 Line or Light Archers as used by all Achaeans in support of their battle line troops throughout the Late Bronze Age

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Achaean Javelinmen/Swordsmen

Product no.: LBA52

8 Achaean Javelinmen or light Swordmen 


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Achaean Slingers

Product no.: LBA53

8 Achaean Light Slinger skirmishers for support of the main Achaean Speramen battle-line


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Achaean Chariot I

Product no.: LBA43

Early Achaean or Aegean 2 horse, 2 crew Chariot of the Late Minoan or early Mycenaean period

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Achaean Chariot II

Product no.: LBA44

Later Achaean Chariot with Charioteer with short Spear and Shield, Chariot Driver and alternative Commander


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Achaean Chariot III

Product no.: LBA45

Later Achaean 2-horse, 2-crew Rail Chariot of the later Mycenaean (Trojan War) period

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