Early Hittite

Early Hittite

Early Hittite

This range can be used to create armies for the early Anatolian Hittites founded by the semi-legendary Labarnas in the Middle Bronze Age and then consolidated by Hattusilis I, who battled with other Anatolian tribes and against the Hurrians in Syria. He took his name from the city, Hattusas, and made it the Hittite capital. This was the centre of the "land of Hatti", who were the predecessors of the Hittites and from whom the Hittites derive their name. 

Hattusilis's successor, Mursilis I went further and destroyed Amorite power in Mesopotamia by sacking Babylon at the end of the Middle Bronze Age. However, he failed to consolidate his power in Babylonia and the vacuum was left for the Kassites to fill by the Late Bronze Age.

For this period, figures from the Later Highlanders range are suitable for northern Anatolian Highlander allies such as the Gasgans or Kaskans in the north and the Azzi-Hayasa confederation in the north-east. In the Taurus Mountains, in the south-east, there was the Kizzuwatna; and in the east, the Isuwa. However, as Hittite power began to rise in the Late Bronze Age many of these states were subjugated and incorporated into the Hittite Empire. In western Anatolia, Luwian states such as Arzawa remained independent until the Late Bronze Age.

Late Bronze Age central and eastern Anatolians are covered in the Hittite Empire range of figures. For western Anatolians of the Late Bronze Age, a mixture of figures from the Later Mycenaean, Sea Peoples and Later Highlanders can be used.

The Hittites of the Old & Middle Kingdom of the Middle Bronze Age were also strongly influenced culturally by the Hurrians. Hence, for levies and allies use figures from the Amorite Kingdoms as well as those of the Later Highlanders range

For Early Hittite Slingers mix in Early & Later Highlander Slingers with Levy Slingers. For Early Hittite Archers, mix Later Highlander Archers with Levy Archers I and II.

Hittites and other Anatolians of this period had 2-horse, 2-man chariots. For Old Kingdom Armies use Middle Bronze 2-Horse Chariot II and Hittite Light Chariot I. For Middle Kingdom armies use Hittite Light Chariot I, II and III.

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Hittite Spearmen

Product no.: EMB40

8 Hittite or other central Anatolian Spearmen with long-thrusting spear, no shield
£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite Spearmen with shield

Product no.: LBA01

8 Infantry with Light Spear, Sword and Shield

£12.00 / pack(s)

Later Highlander Warriors I

Product no.: EMB19

8 Zagros Highlander Warriors with mixed weapons including Axe, Spear & Shield

£12.00 / pack(s)

Later Highlander Warriors II

Product no.: EMB20

8 Anatolian Highlander Warriors with mixed weapons including Axe, Spear & Shield

£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite & Anatolian Javelinmen

Product no.: LBA02

8 Hittite or other Anatolian Highlander Javelinmen

£12.00 / pack(s)

Later Highlander Archers

Product no.: EMB18

8 Later Highlander Archers

£12.00 / pack(s)

Middle Bronze 2-Horse Chariot II

Product no.: EMB38

Early 2-horse, 2-crew Chariot with Driver, Archer and optional Commander

£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite Light Chariot I

Product no.: LBA13

2-horse, 2 man Light Chariot with Driver, Archer and Spearman

£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite Light Chariot II

Product no.: LBA14

2-horse, 2 man Light Chariot with Driver, Archer and Spearman

£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite Light Chariot III

Product no.: LBA15

2-horse, 2-man Light Chariot with Driver, Archer and Commander

£12.00 / pack(s)

Early & Later Highlander Slingers

Product no.: EMB14

8 Early & Later Highlander Slingers
£12.00 / pack(s)

Hittite Command

Product no.: LBA36

Hittite Command pack containing 2 Commanders, 1 Standard Bearer and 1 Musician

£6.00 / pack(s)

Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariots

Product no.: BAL09

6 Hittite or Anatolian 2-man 2-Horse chariots with options for Archers, Spearmen and a Commander

£60.00 / pack(s)