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Site updated 11/04/2018

COMING in 2018

The objective for 2018 is to complete the Cutting Edge Miniatures, Late Bronze Age range of figures before beginning the Iron Age in 2019.

The Achaean Chariots are currently being sculpted along with a Late Bronze Age Libyan Chariot, Achaean Javelinmen/Light Swordsmen and Slingers.  




Latest Releases


Sea People Warriors I


Sea People Warriors II


Early Achaean Spearmen


Later Achaean Spearmen

                                                                                                                                                                                Site updated 28th December 2015

COMING in 2018

It has been a while since this page was updated and though the miniatures are still being maufactured, distributed and sold by Warlord Games, we thought that it would be a good idea to inform customers of what to expect in terms of new releases for the coming year. 

The objective for the beginning of 2018 is to complete the Cutting Edge Miniatures, Late Bronze Age range of figures before beginning the Iron Age period later in the year.

The Sea People Infantry have now been completed which includes both separate armoured and unarmoured types with javelins and swords. The early Achaeans (late Minoan or Early Mycenanean phalanx spearmen and unarmoured militia Later Achaean spearmen) and Trojan War or late Achaean period infantry are also now available. These will complement the Sea Peoples and which can all be used for these early Kingdoms of the Aegean region of the late Bronze Age.

Achaean support troops are now in production beginning with Archers together with the remainder of the early Egyptian, Libyan and Nubian forces. Achaean slingers, javelinmen and command packs will follow after this.

In the beginning of 2018 it hoped that the Achaean Chariots and possibly an early Libyan Chariot will be completed along with early/middle Bronze Age equid scouts and late Bronze age light horse scouts. 

It is hoped that photos of the work in progress of the figures will be posted here or on the Cutting Edge Miniatures Facebook page as and when they become available. 

Site updated 5th October 2013

We are pleased to announce that Warlord Games will now be the exclusive distributor and manufacturer for Cutting Edge Miniatures worldwide. For the time being all products should be ordered through Warlord Games and not through this site. Many of the products are now available in an exciting new packaging style. Please see the Warlord Games website for further information:



There are a few packs still with limited availability. Please email us with any requests

Site updated 1st September 2013

New Cutting Edge Miniatures Apparel and Accessories from the Store, Cutting Edge Maxims: CuttingEdgeMaxims

Site updated 23rd August 2012


Site updated 30th July 2012


Curteys Miniatures still have a limited stock which they will continue to sell until exhausted



Site updated 12th July 2012

Early and Later Platform Carts and the 2-Horse Proto-Chariot now available. Use these for armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age: the Sumerians, Akkadians, Early Elamites, Gutian and other Highlanders, Neo-Sumerians and Later Amorites



EMB35: Early Platform Cart I



EMB36: Early Platform Cart II



EMB41: Later Platform Cart


EMB42: 2-Horse Proto-Chariot





Site updated 6th July 2012


2-horse Light Chariot III (painted by Colin Knight)

Site updated 1st July 2012

Now taking pre-orders for the Early and Later Platform Carts and Proto-Chariot.

Early Platform Cart I

Early Platform Cart II

Later Platform Cart



Available as a BattleLine Multi-pack: 2-Horse Light Chariots for the Mitanni, Syrian/Canaanites, Middle Kingdom Assyrians, Kassite Babylonians and Middle Elamites


BAL15: 2-Horse Light Chariots


Site updated 26th June 2012


Early Battle-Wagon I (painted by Happy Wanderer)

More Images in the Sumerian Gallery


Unfortunately due to recent increases in the price of metal, multipack deals such as the BattleLIne range, are now priced at £50. This is still a good saving, being 6 packs for the price of 5.

Site updated 25th June 2012

Please note there is now a third option when choosing the postage and packaging at checkout. This is a rate for EU countries separate from the UK and Rest of the World. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Site updated 21st June 2012


Late Bronze Age 2-Horse Chariots for the Mitanni, Syrians & Canaanites, Middle Kingdom Assyrians and Babylonians


LBA10: 2-Horse Light Chariot I


LBA11: 2-Horse Light Chariot II


LBA12: 2-Horse Light Chariot III


Site updated 20th June 2012

The Battle-Wagons are now in stock and the pre-orders are to be shipped out this weekend

Site updated 8th June 2012


The latest Battle-Wagons for the Sumerians and Akkadians are now available for order directly and will be shipped as soon as the stock becomes available.

The 2 wheel Platform Carts and Chariots for the Mitanni, Middle Assyrians/Babylonians and Syrians/Canaanites will also be avaiable very soon


EMB33 - Early 4-Equid Battle-Wagon I

EMB34 - Early 4-Equid Battle-Wagon II

Site updated 27th March 2012

Coming Next

Early Bronze Age Battle-Wagons and Platform Carts together with early Middle Bronze Age Proto-Chariots



The Royal Standard of Ur



Site updated 11th February 2012


New Kingdom Egyptian Chariots

LBA 31: Egyptian Chariot I

LBA32: Egyptian Chariot II

LBA33: Egyptian Chariot III


Site updated 21st November 2011

NOW AVAILABLE: Infantry for Middle Kingdom Assyria, Kassite Babylonia, Mitanni, Syrians/Canaanites, Early Hebrews and more Egyptian Close Fighters


LBA06: Levy Spearmen I


LBA07: Levy Spearmen II


LBA08: Medium Spearmen


LBA09: Egyptian Close Fighters II


Site updated 9th November 2011

We are pleased to announce that Curteys Miniatures are to stock Cutting Edge Miniatures at the UK shows they attend and to stock figures on their website. Details of the first show to be announced



Site updated 5th November 2011

New Pictures of painted Hittite Spearmen in the Hittite Empire Gallery


Site updated 3rd November 2011

Coming Soon: Mitanni, Middle Assyrian, Kassite Babylonian, Early Hebrew, Syrian-Canaanite Spearmen and more New Kingdom Egyptian Close Fighters.

These will be followed by chariots for the above and then the long awaited Early Bronze Age Onager Battle Wagons


but in the meantime


NEW BattleLine Unit packs: Sumerian and Akkadian Spearmen: Only £48 plus p&p for 6 packs


Shieldlogo_BattlelineS.JPG                  Shieldlogo_BattlelineS.JPG

  Sumerian Spearmen                        Akkadian Spearmen


11th October 2011

The first packs of New Kingdom Egyptian Infantry are now available


LBA19: Egyptian Close Fighters I


LBA20: Egyptian Archers

LBA21: Later Egyptian Close Fighters I

LBA22: Later Egyptian Archers


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3rd September 2011

NEW - introductory offer for a limited period: Hittite Light and Heavy Chariots are available in BattleLine multipacks of 6 for £48. That is a 20% discount on regular pack prices.

 BAL09: Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariots

BAL10: Hittite or Anatolian Heavy Chariots

Also now available are packs of separate un-armoured and armoured chariot horses

UNL01: Un-armoured Chariot Horses

UNL02: Armoured Chariot Horses



Later Hittite Empire Chariots with Armoured Horses and 3 man crew

LBA16: Later Hittite Chariot I


LBA17: Later Hittite Chariot II

LBA18: Later Hittite Chariot III



Further images of the Later Hittite Chariots can be found in the Hittite Empire Gallery



Next Out will be New Kingdom Egyptian Infantry followed by Chariots



Introducing the first packs of the Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptians of the Early and Middle Bronze Age

EMB43 - Early Egyptian Spearmen


EMB44 - Early Egyptian Axemen


EMB45 - Early Egyptian Archers I


EMB46 - Early Egyptian Archers II



Now Out - Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariots



LBA13: Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariot I



LBA13: Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariot II



LBA13: Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariot III


Further images can be found in the Early Hittite Gallery


See other New BattleLine Multipack deals with 20 - 25% off regular pack prices


Also NEW -


The start of figures for the Late Bronze Age, beginning with Hittite and Anatolian Highlander Javelinmen; 2 sets of Levy Javelinmen and Levy Archers for the Mitanni, Middle Kingdom Assyrians and Babylonians and Syrian & Canaanite city-states.


LBA02 - Hittite and Anatolian Highlander Javelinmen

LBA03 - Later Levy Archers

LBA04 - Later Levy Javelinmen I

LBA05 - Later Levy Javelinmen II


Early and Middle Bronze Age Spearmen with Shields and Hittite or Anatolian Spearmen for the Late Bronze Age


EMB28: Early City-State Spearmen with Shield


EMB30: Later City-State Spearmen with Shield


EMB31: Later City-State Spearmen with Amorite Shield



LBA01: Hittite or Anatolian Spearmen



Some of you may have noticed a new category appeared recently in the menu on the left hand side. This is a list of "All Products".

By way of explanation, this list includes all the products which are currently available. It does, however, only replicate all the products which are already listed in the various detailled army categories. It does not contain any additional information and nor does it include any forthcoming products, which are still listed in the various appropriate detailled army categories.

The aim of the "All Products" category is for customers to find, in one list, all the products that are currently available across all the army list categories. This is perhaps a quicker search method than browsing the various army categories, looking for a particular product.

"Multipack Deals" also have a separate category listed on the left hand side.

Products can also be ordered directly from these lists.   


Latest BattleLine deal is 6 Early 2-Horse Chariots for the price of £45.00. This is ideal for a Battlegroup or Unit of 6 or 4 and 2 Commanders.


 6 Early 2-Horse Chariots 


Further images of Early 2-Horse Chariot I, made up and painted, can be found in the Amorite Kingdoms Gallery.                

New images of Later Highander (Gasgan) or Early Highlander (Gutian) Commands in the Zagros, Taurus & Anatolian Highlanders Gallery section, as painted by Andres Amian. 

NEW  Early City-State Spearmen I



Early City-State Spearmen II



Later City-State Spearmen



Hittite Spearmen



Next will be the remainder of the Early Bronze Age figures including the Sumerian, Akkadian, Neo-Sumerian & Amorite Spearmen and Hittite Spearmen with Shields.

The Early Bronze Age Battle Cars, Platform Cars and Proto-Chariots are to follow on soon.

The Late Bronze Age is also next to be released, starting with either the Chariots and Infantry for Mitanni, Syro-Cannanites, Middle Kingdom Assyrians and Kassite Babylonians, or Hittites or New Kingdom Egyptian Chariots. Watch this space.

Army & BattleLine deals

Introducing a couple of deals for the Early Babylonian or Assyrian army (Amorite Kingdoms) for anyone new to the period and wants either a full Army or a Battle Line. These are offered at a 20 - 25% discount on normal pack prices. For full details click on the links below. 

 Army: £250.00             BattleLine: £60.00


The Early Chariots 

The Middle Bronze Age, Early 2-horse Chariots for the Later Amorite Kingdoms, Hyksos, Later Highlander (Hurrian & early Kassite) and Early Elamite armies are now available. The 3 versions with different crew can be found within any of the above army product categories

Early 2-horse Chariot I with Early Babylonian Commander

(check out the Amorite Kingdoms Gallery for more detailed images)



Early Babylonians battling it out with Later Zagros & Anatolian Highlanders


Retainer Medium Infantry
(painted by Andres Amian)


Amorite Levy Javelinman (painted by Ebob)



The figures are designed with the most popular wargames rules and army lists in mind, and in particular those of Field of Glory (FOG); Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB), Clash of Empires, Impetus and any of the Wargames Research Group sets of rules and lists, such as DBA, DBM and DBMM. Of course, they are suitable for use with any other of the excellent sets of wargames rules and lists available.

The initial range of figures will cover the Early and Middle Bronze Age of the Ancient Near East and then expand into the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age. The figures can be used to build armies in the Chariot Wars supplement for WAB, in the Swifter Than Eagles and Lost Scrolls supplements for FOG, and in Book 1 for DBM and DBMM.

Please read the section on Design Notes for more information on the initial range of figures. There is also a size comparison photograph of Cutting Edge Miniatures against some other ranges of figures in this section. 

Look out for the Galleries of photographs of painted figures within the army product categories and also check out the Books section for recommended reading including wargame rules and lists. 

Please note, all Foot figure packs have 8 figures, comprising 2 each of 4 different types or poses, unless otherwise specified. All figures are supplied un-painted. 
































Amorite Nomad Command  



Sargon the Great of Akkad



Naram-Sin Command


It is recommended that you commission Andres Amian if you want to have these figures painted to the very highest standard. All of the above Command Figures are painted by him. See his website at:

Einar Olafson Painting