Early Highlander Axemen

Early Highlander Axemen

Product no.: EMB16
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Zagros, Taurus and Anatolian Highlanders of the Early Bronze Age. These include the Lullubians, the Gutians, Turukkeans and the Elamites of the Zagros Mountains; and the early Hurrians of the Anatolian & Taurus Highlands. You may mix in half of these warriors with the corresponding half of the Early Highlander Javelinmen to create two distinctive tribes of Highlanders; or just keep the Axemen as a different class of warrior. Wealthier Highlanders may have possessed axes and for a Chief's retinue or bodyguard you may wish to mix in some of the Early Household Axemen, who have helmets, for greater variety.

For even more variety, two of the axemen in this pack can be converted to Javelinmen with throwstick. Simply cut off the axe in the right hand, drill a hole into the fist with a pin-vice, insert an 8mm length of wire, (about 0.5mm diameter), bend it slightly and you have a Throw-stick. The job takes only a few minutes to complete. Alternatively, just cut off the axe head and the handle becomes a throw-stick.

Pack contains 8 Figures (nominally 2 of each type pictured, though variations may occur)

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