Army - Later Amorite Kingdoms

Army - Later Amorite Kingdoms

Product no.: ARM01
£299.00 / pack(s)

ONLY £299.00 (a Saving of more than 20% on the regular pack prices of £384)

A balanced army, suitable for any of the major rule systems such as WAB (Hammurabic Babylonia), FOG (Amorite Kingdoms) and DBM and (M) (Later Amorite).

Approximately 600 points in FOG and 300 points in DBM(M).

The Army Deal comprises 32 packs as follows: 

1 x EMB37: Early 2-Horse Chariot I

1 x EMB38: Early 2-Horse Chariot II

1 x EMB39: Early 2-Horse Chariot III

1 x EMB11: Later Command

9 x EMB07: Medium Retainer Infantry

3 x EMB06: Medium Archers

2 x EMB08: Levy Infantry I

2 x EMB09: Levy Infantry II

2 x EMB010: Levy Infantry III

2 x EMB05: Levy Slingers

2 x EMB01: Levy Javelinmen I

2 x EMB03: Levy Javelinmen II

2 x EMB02:  Levy Archers I

2 x EMB04: Levy Archers II


Army packs are excellent value due also to the great saving on postage costs.

Post & Packaging applies, but only:

UK: £3.00

EU: £4.00

Rest of World: £5.00

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